RC Plane 2 Flight Simulator
RC Plane 2 Flight Simulator

RC Plane 2 flight simulator app for iPhone is a chance to relive childhood dreams.

There was never a day in my childhood that I didn’t think about being a pilot. Be it an astronaut, fighter pilot or in a good old 747 cockpit, being a pilot was my dream. I constantly built paper airplanes and watched my neighbor fly his RC plane. Eventually, I had to take my first plane ride. It was then that my dreams of being a pilot were lost as the fear of flying set in and my wings were forever grounded.

Over the years, my fear of flight has left, but my interest in planes has remained and therefore I have logged my fair share of hours in various flight simulators. One that I’ve really enjoyed lately is the RC Plane 2 app for iPhone and iPad. Its combination of difficulty, plane selections and interesting camera views have made for a lot of entertainment.

If you’re new to this type of app, then The RC Plane 2 iOS flight simulator will be a bit difficult to jump straight into gameplay. I would suggest starting out with the flight school, which will bring you through everything from taking off to landing and the basics of controlling a 3 channel and 4 channel RC plane. While taking off is the easiest, coming down and landing is the hardest aspect of the game.

It’s like you’re learning to fly, but you don’t have wings. It’s awkward.

However, after a few pass through and a lot of patience, you’ll find yourself taking off and cruising around in no time. The school also educates you on runway controls so you’ll be landing safely on any runway. The flight school even goes as far as teaching you the differences between 3- and 4-channel RC plane controls such as the 4-channel realistic rudder behavior, which can wreak havoc on your ability to fly your craft.

Choose an RC Plane to Let the Mini Games Begin

When you select the school option in the RC Plane 2 app, you can only select one plane, the Easy cruiser, which is perfect for flight school as it’s easiest to control.

After you’ve mastered flight school, RC Plane 2 offers two levels to begin, including Tuscany and Seaside. Tuscany is a very large map and is located in the countryside of Italy and includes six villages to explore while Seaside features rocks, beach and water with several really interesting obstacles to zip through.

Within each scenario on RC Plane 2, there are several mini-games, including Air Racer where you follow the arrow until the next coin, avoid obstacles and try to achieve the lowest time. FireFighter is a lot of fun and you’ll need to have your smoke mask on as you’ll need to battle fires with your Canadari and Hydro cesna planes.

I believe the most nerve-racking mini game is Carrier OPS where, as you’ve probably guessed, you’ll need to test your skills in landing your F4 or F18 plane on a model aircraft carrier. Yes, it’s difficult.

For its robust scenario offerings, realistic controls and fantastic music composed by David Cecchi, RC Plane 2 is your oneway ticket to flight school. Of course, it’s the closest us non-flyers will get to the cockpit as well.

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