Splash It! for iPhone is a Unique Bubble-Popping Game
Splash It! for iPhone is a Unique Bubble-Popping Game

If you’re looking for a new arcade-style bubble popping game then check out Splash It! for iPhone. Splash It! puts a new spin on traditional bubble popping games, requiring players to think fast and tap faster.

Rather than pop bubbles in any particular order, Splash It! takes a more specific approach. As the different colored paint bubbles descend on screen, players must select the corresponding colored button. If the wrong colored button is depressed, the bubble won’t pop. If three bubbles reach the bottom, it’s game over. Splash It! has a simple to understand premise, but provides a bit of fast-paced arcade challenge.

In addition to unique gameplay, Splash It! also incorporates power ups and bonuses, like gold bombs and extra bubble lives. Score a gold bomb and you can clear the entire screen with a shake of your device. There are three different difficulty levels to play against your own best score or challenge the leaderboard status or friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Splash It! may be unique, but it isn’t difficult to learn. For players that might forget quickly, there is a built-in tutorial available at any time. To play select a difficulty level and get started. Initially only “easy” is available to play as the others must be unlocked by scoring enough points – 500 for “medium” and 1000 for “hard.” It doesn’t sound like much, but in the beginning it’s harder than it sounds.

Splash It! is a colorful, interesting arcade game with a simple theme and decent design. A slightly relaxing, but techy background tune accompanies similar sound effects – both of which can be turned on or off as desired. The difficulty levels differ only in the number of colors (and thus, corresponding buttons) presented. The more colors, the harder the game gets. As the bubbles descend, they gain momentum, making them super tricky to get as they near the bottom of the screen. The frantic “match button, pop bubble” cycle that ensues is simultaneously good fast-paced arcade fun and an exercise in frustration. There is very little leeway – especially for a tired, touch sensitive device.

If you enjoy fast-paced, simple arcade challenges then Splash It! might be one to add to the list of games to check out. There’s no free trial version, but go ahead and challenge yourself to something a little different and a little fun – even with its minor aggravating aspects, Splash It! has enough bang for the buck.

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