Tread of the Dead Revs Up the Zombie Chainsaw Action
Tread of the Dead Revs Up the Zombie Chainsaw Action

Zombie killers unite, there’s a new chainsaw-slinging hero in town. That’s right, Tread of the Dead is now available on the App Store, packed full of zombies and you’re the only one keeping them from taking over the world. How do you do it? With a chainsaw that you throw and steer by tilting your device. If you think the game looks easy, you’d be mistaken. Chopping down zombies like a boss is going to take time, a bit of practice and a lot of brains.

Tread of the Dead features over 100 levels of gory bloodiness complete with boss fights and all in Retina graphics. Yes, the blood almost looks real. Since titling chainsaws towards zombies isn’t easy, the game also allows you to customize tilt sensitivity, which is much needed as the default is a bit rough.

Controls are simple. You can tilt your device left or right to guide your weapon of mass destruction towards the zombies. This titling action is kind of difficult to get used to in the beginning. I mean, the mechanics is easy… guide left or right. It’s the finesse that takes some time to get used to. But as I mentioned above, you can adjust your device’s accelerometer sensitivity. You’ll have to go through a few rounds before you get it right, but a pinch here and a touch there will make all the difference between getting your brains eaten and topping the scoring charts.

As for graphics, it’s a top down, bottom up scroller that looks and feels like a very well thought out design. You are positioned at the top of the gaming area next to a table of weapons. The game is setup to show you the playing field, i.e. the zombie formation such as “I’m with Stupid,” which is an arrow pointing to the player. This gives you a sneak peek so you can strategize how you’ll throw your weapon and which way you’ll need to tilt the phone. This is important for scoring. If you take all the zombies out with one throw then you get big bonus points via multipliers as well as ace the test. The more throws you make, the lower your score will be.

The inner zombie destroyer in me would have liked to see a bit more blood, guts and brains in Tread of the Dead, but seeing the dead be cut in half is quite fun. All-in-all, this game is a must download for anyone who craves zombie carnage and unique gameplay.

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